Fryderyk Chopin in Tanzania


Due to the prolonged so-called pandemic, in Europe and in the world,
the date of the Concert will be set at a later date.

Main Sponsor of the Concert

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Carlo Bossi
Excellence perfumes and cosmetics.
“We make your dreams come true”

VIGU Trading
VIGU TRADING COMPANY LIMITED (No: 33259) – leading transportation company with headquarter in Dar es Salaam.
We Care For Your Cargo!

Aqua Life
Water: desalination, treatment, mineralization.

Infant Milk – “TIPP”

Discover versatile, precise and environmentally friendly agriculture machines.
“The future is here!”
State-of-the-art solution to current and future challenges in the agricultural sector.

Foliar fertilisers, plant nutrition and water conditioners.
“Efficiency through Knowledge”

The leader of the fish processing industry in Poland.
“Be as healthy as a fish!”

Event Report Sponsors


R System is the latest technology for the production of elements and construction of external walls of single-family and multi-family buildings with exceptionally favorable thermal parameters.

Partners and Advertisers


Consulting Care
Anatom Visio 3D System. The world’s first solution that by exploiting the VR (virtual reality) visualization technology using the Oculus Go, Quest, Rift and other VR glasses offer a wide range of opportunities to work in virtual reality with full three-dimensional high resolution real human post-mortem specimens or three-dimensional objects obtained through merging the CT and MRI images of the patient.

Rajskie Tarasy
(Heavenly Terraces)

“Live healthy and ethically in harmony with nature”

Media and video.

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Watch and help

Anyone can support Tanzania by watching the online broadcast from the Concert:

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